Cedar Ridge Cabins


There are rental cabins with a beautiful view overlooking the Wilson State Park area. About 100 yards south of the Hell Creek State Park entrance, make a right on the gravel road and drive vertically, or so it seems. With the right wind, you could fly slope from your deck! Single Bedroom - $110 per night, Two Bedroom $125 per night, both are less for extended stays. (785) 623-3937.


House In Lucas

Furnished house in Lucas, just down the street from Garden of Eden, Contact Bill Harlow at (785) 525-7725.


House in Sylvan Grove

Lovinhunt Jone's house 2 bedrooms fully equipped in Sylvan Grove 8 miles from Wilson Lake. Contact Mark & Coleen Lovin at (785) 525-6366 or (800) 290-1582.

Lucas, Kansas is the focal point for this event.  A number of sites exist in close proximity to the City of Lucas.  The "Primary" sites are surrounding Wilson Lake approximately 10 miles south of Lucas on Hwy.232.



Midland Railroad Hotel


Welcome to the wonderful Midland Railroad Hotel. You will find it a delightful blend of historic charm and modern convenience - a place welcoming weary travelers and comfort seekers for over 100 years.  On Tuesday through Saturday the Sample Room Tavern is open from 5pm to 9pm. Friday and Saturday come in for dinner or to have a drink in from 5pm to 10pm. A separate BBQ restaurant owned by the hotel is next door on the property. Contact us at (785) 658-2284 or email: manager@midlandrailroadhotel.com. Address: 414 26th Street, Wilson, KS 67490.

Simple Haven Bed & Breakfast - Wilson

Another classy place, 7 miles from the lake, Tea & cookies and breakfast included. Call for details (785) 658-6814 or go to their website: www.simplehavenbandb.com

Lazy Cedars - Luray, Kansas


This is a three bedroom house in Luray which is about 15 miles from the lake and 8 miles from Lucas. The peaceful house is on land which is preserved for hunting. Wood burning stove and equipped kitchen. Non-hunter reduced rates. Contact Joann and Mark Paschal at (866) 564-6419 or email at paschal@gorhamtell.com

Motels In Russell (25 miles West)


Russell's Inn: (785) 483-2107

Americ Inn: (785) 483-4200

Days Inn: (785) 483-6660

Super 8: (785) 483-2488

Post Rock Hotel - Lincoln

This is the closest "traditional" motel to the site, 24 miles. Individual units with bath, phone and TV. Located next to highway K-18. Single, double, and some rooms with 3 beds, (800) 770-7047 or (785) 524-4424.



Thacker Cottages

Two complete homes in Lucas that hold up to 7 people. Perfect if you have an entourage.  Call (785) 525-7739.

"The Roost" - Luray, Kansas

When you are too tired to go, come on in to roost. Small house that can sleep 6. Fully equipped house with w/d. Call Marita and Bob Cederberg at (785) 698-2459 or email at mrcederberg@earthlink.net.

Woody House Bed & Breakfast - Lincoln

​(785) 524-4744 For more details go to www.bbonline.com/ks/woodyhouse


Lots of camping around the lake with some areas having trailer connections

The Corps of Engineers operates 2 sites - Right below the dam in the Sylvan Park AREA and at the marina area in MINOOKA PARK - (785)-658-2551 Click here for more info

The state has camping and cabins available in the OTOE and HELL CREEK AREA and camping in the LUCAS PARK AREA (785)-658-2465 Click here for more info

Set In Stone Cabin And RV Park - Lucas, Kansas


Quiet, comfortable lodging for the overnight guest. Set In Stone Cabin microwave, fridge, and a large 3/4 bathroom.  Directions: Travel north from exit 206 off Interstate 70 along the Post Rock Scenic Byway to the Junction of Highway 232 and Highway 18, Lucas, Kansas at 647 East 1st Street. Contact: Dr. Christina Denslow

Phone: (785) 337-3790

Email:  setinstonelucas@gmail.com

Website: www.set-in-stone.net

Smokey Hills Cabin

Sylvan Grove, it is a family cabin now rented out to hunters, fishermen, and visitors. This is about 8 miles from the lake. Info on the web at: www.smokyhillscabin.com or call (316) 943-5058 or (253) 380-3398 or email: j.m.richards@comcast.net.

Sportsman's Lodge - Wilson

​This is a single unit with 4 - 6 beds and cooking facilities. Call (785) 658-2424.


Midwest Slope Challenge 2024

May 16 - 18, 2024

Check-in starts at 7:00 on Wednesday, May 15th

in the K-18 Cafe in Lucas, Kansas