No frequency conflicts allowed in each event.

You can use, 72 MHz, 6 Meter Band, or 2.4 GHz but no frequency conflicts will be allowed in any event.  This will allow for a maximum entry of 50 entries on 72 MHz and 18 entries on the 6 meter and unlimited entries on 2.4 GHz per event. It will eliminate the need for frequency changing for fly offs in case of ties,and simplify contest administration. It will allow larger combat groups with longer flight times. Hopefully it will help eliminate shoot downs from others on the same frequency. (Keyword Hopefully!)

On the entry form there is space for you to list your choice of three frequencies for each event. Every effort possible will be made to accommodate each pilot but you may be contacted to consider another choice.

We realize that with most foamies it is difficult to change frequencies, but we plan to allow enough lead-time that you will be able to fly on a frequency of your choice. The club realizes this may limit participants, but decided the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Our hope is that there will be no one unable to enter due to this rule.



Midwest Slope Challenge 2024

May 16 - 18, 2024

Check-in starts at 7:00 on Wednesday, May 15th

in the K-18 Cafe in Lucas, Kansas

Event Rules