Registration Rules

Current AMA membership is required to fly during the event at Wilson Lake Reservoir, Kansas. Please no exceptions. This event is AMA sanctioned and permitted by the local Army Corp of Engineers. From Thursday through Sunday frequency control will be in effect at Wilson Lake. Please help avoid shoot-downs by finding and using the frequency board. We have special permission for vehicle access to the "airport hill" for Thursday - Sunday. Please obtain permission from a ranger if you want to drive to airport hill other than those days. Without permission, the Corp does not permit vehicles off of the road surfaces, except in designated parking areas. Help us keep a good relationship with the Corp.

Online registration starts on February 1, 2017 .  The cost for online registration is $15.  We no longer have a pre-registration for those that flew last year because most of you use the 2.4GHz frequency.  Those that do not, please sign up early to make sure that you get your frequency.

If you are planning to order a T-shirt or stay for the Saturday evening banquet, please register online before or on May 1st. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive a T-shirt.

All events are limited to one plane per frequency except 2.4 GHz. **If you can be flexible on channel assignments, please let us know so that we can have as many participants as possible.**

All events are $10 each except for the Warbird Race it is free.Saturday Night Banquet menu will be prime rib, mashed potato, vegetable, salad, roll, and dessert. T-Shirts are $15 for sizes up to XL. Larger sizes will be available at $18. (Subject to change).

**If you are planning on paying online through PayPal using a credit card, please make sure you fill out both forms - Registration Information Form and the Pay Online Form.**

If you are sending a check, please fill out the Registration Information Form only.

If mailing a check, make all checks payable to Wings Over Wilson and mail check to:  Darla Blevins, 4221 Deer Run Dr., Knoxville, TN 37912.

NOTE:  Once your check has been received your information will be added to the website.


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